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Doe Deere Finds Home In The U.S.

When Xenia Vorotova was a teenager in Russia, she and her family talked of moving to the U.S. to pursue their dream of a successful, free life. Finally, the chance to move to the U.S. presented itself and Xenia was reborn as Doe Deere, fashion icon and entrepreneur with a base in New York City. […]

Doe Deere: Unicorn Queen of Colors

You will find that Doe Deere operates out of LA, in California, and she has dedicated herself to the creation of bold & colorful/ cruelty-free cosmetics (these are also certified and vegan). This company is now offering offering a wide variety of makeup.   When asked how she got started in this business, Doe Deere […]

Lime Crime: Helping Kitties Find Their Forever Home

Doe Deere is known as the queen of the unicorns. This is a name she has rightly earned. As the founder of Lime Crime, she built her business on being unique and different. Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that seeks to help women express themselves through brightly colored makeup. Doe Deere herself is known […]