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Still on the move with Herbalife

Herbalife is a nutritional company that was founded in 1980 by a man named Mark Hughes. Herbalife became a thriving company and by the mid-1980’s there were several locations open internationally including Europe and Canada. Since the mid-1980’s Herbalife has also been established with the medical advisory board.   By the late 1980’s Herbalife was […]

See What Krishen Iyer Thinks about Business Growth and Future Prospects

The business world is growing bigger each day, and this happens due to some of the great contributions the thriving entrepreneurs make. You need to know what other successful business people are doing so that you can thrive also. It takes one great idea to turn things around. If you take some time to talk […]

Clay Hutson Has Plans For The Musical Performances Of The Future

The LED screens at concerts seem to be getting bigger. Stage production seems to be getting bigger. Lasers, smoke, holograms and projections mark the modern live music experience and it all seems to be getting more complicated. It forces one to wonder — how does this all come together?   That’s where Clay Hutson comes […]

Bob Reina: He Can Do Things For You

Bob Reina is the type of person that truly enjoys doing things for other people. If someone else is happy and Talk Fusion has helped in some way, Bob Reina is happy. That is how he thinks and that is how he is wired. That is part of his DNA and that is part of […]

Clayton Hutson – article recap

Clayton Hutson is a premier music producer. As a live sound engineer and music producer they can provide many solutions to bands searching for a way to get the best experience. They offer production design and production management. Whenever bands are performing at music festivals they create an experience that fans will not forget. The […]

Ted Bauman’s Endeavours that have Positively Influenced the Lives of People

Ted Bauman is a renowned editor who began working as a hedge fund manager for several non-profit organizations in South Africa. While pursuing his career, he had an opportunity of visiting over seventy nations in Asia, America, Europe, and Africa. Bauman currently offers his financial opinions through Banyan Hill Publishing journal, the Sovereign Investor Daily, […]

Jeremy Goldstein on issues of stock options

Stock options have both advantages and disadvantages. There are many disadvantages that have made modern companies desist from applying them anymore as a means of compensation. The reason many corporations are quoting is that stock options have a way of affecting the savings of these corporations. As a measure to boost the savings, stock options […]

Paul Mampilly The Great American Investment Manager

Paul Mampilly is an investor and former hedge fund manager. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment challenge. Because of his investment successes, Mampilly has been featured by leading business media groups including Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC. To this end, Paul has had a great track record managing […]

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega Shows Grupo Televisa What They Need

When Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega was first hired by Grupo Televisa, he knew that he needed to make himself have to be 100% sure that things were going to work out for the company. He tries to do his best at representing them and he knows that things will only get better the more that […]