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The Delicacy from OSI Group McDonalds’ Burgers

The OSI Group McDonalds is well known to fast food lovers. They offer delicacies such as French fries, chicken, hamburgers. McDonald’s has plenty of suitors, and it attracts a lot of customers. It is said the company sells 75 hamburgers per second. The restaurant is supplied hamburgers by OSI an American entity where it initially […]

Eat Smart With The OSI Food Group

Your diet plays a significant ro le in the productivity of your lifestyle. The OSI Group understands the importance of a smart meal. Their food safety intiative is committed to the health of patrons. Their goal continues to be a smart meal plan with 0 added byproducts. While other food competitors are using GMO products, […]

The Leadership of Sheldon Lavin

Summary of “The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group” Sheldon Lavin has led the OSI Group to make a lasting commitment to sustainable food production. During its more than a century of existence, OSI Group has grown from a small butcher shop to its current standing as one of the world’s largest […]