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Lincolnshire Management a Pace Setter in the Private Equity Sector

Lincolnshire Management Company is a privately held financial management and investment company that were established more than three decades ago. The firm focuses its investments on acquisitions, buyouts, recapitalization and corporate divestitures among others. The firm founding fathers are Frank Wright and Steven Kumble. The New York-based firm has over the years grown to be […]

“How to Spot and Avoid Burnouts by James River Capital Corporation “

The work environment can only be three things: neutral / stagnant, very healthy, or harmfully stressful. In the investment world, most especially, the latter occurs. Which is why in every industry and every work environment, coupled with the employees’ personal life – experiencing a burn out is definitely in the realm of possibilities. Which is […]

Golden Opportunities for Swift Hurricane Recovery

It is truly amazing, the power of unity! United, partners striving for the same cause can bring a speedy recovery to hurricane-devastated cities. However, taking the initiative is the first step to rebuilding a shattered community. The U.S. Money Reserve, a precious metals distributor with offices in Austin, Beaumont, and Houston Texas took the initiative […]