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Can Text-Based Therapy Work? It Did for Me!

People need therapy when they are experiencing hard times, but making an appointment and going to see a therapist is not always practical. The unfortunate truth is that therapy is very expensive. If you do find one you can afford, you run the risk of not being able to “click” with this person. I know […]

Neurocore uses drug-free, science based strategies to strengthen the brain

There’s a new way to measure mental recovery, and resilience. It’s a relatively new concept known as neurofeedback, and Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are utilizing this psychological technique to great avail. Neurocore seeks to help patients harness their brain’s ability to assess various environmental changes while building useful thought patterns for clarity in action. When […]

Talkspace and Michael Phelps Promote Mental Health Care

Talkspace is a groundbreaking new way for people to access mental health care professionals. As part of its advertising campaign it is using the world record breaking Olympian Michael Phelps. That may seem to be a strange partnership. To the outside world, Michael Phelps would appear to have it all. He has success, money, and […]

Neurocore Is Taking Its Neurofeedback To The Big Leagues

The world of professional sports brings in some of the largest revenues in the entertainment industry and the field of competition is continually getting steeper. In today’s modern era of sports, where there is a lot of money to be made for top-notch performances and championships, pro athletes from all sports are always looking for […]