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How Ted Bauman is Redefining Financial Writing

The Bauman Letter — one of the most read financial pieces — has been assisting people in making better financial decisions. According to Ted Bauman, how people view investments and lifestyles contributes to the global economy. As the author of this authentic piece, Bauman continues to change the lives of people, regardless of their occupation […]

Article Title: Agera Energy Stock Soars in the Wake of Customer-Friendly Rates

In the modern consumerist culture, companies are maximizing revenue collection. At Agera Energy, the company is maximizing customer satisfaction with the hope that the customer will be the company’s ambassador in the future. This option is working perfectly well for the company that started in 2014. Their entry into the crowded retail section of the […]

Ted Bauman Explains Why Scalability is a Huge Problem for Bitcoin

Ted Bauman is an American economist who spent the first 25 years of his professional career in South Africa. He worked as an executive in the nonprofit industry where he helped build low-cost housing projects. He moved back to the United States in September 2013 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he is an editor. […]

Paul Mampilly significance in improving society

Paul Mampilly undertook his finance studies and was able to graduate with an MBA at Fordham University. During 1991, he served as the assistant manager for Bankers Trust, which is a financial institution. He continued to gather more skills and experience in his career. Over the years, he held multiple executive positions at law companies […]

Paul Mampilly: Successful Investing Hints for 2019

The beginning of a new year always comes with an equal amount of fear and excitement. For investors, it’s important to find the right balance of fear and excitement. Too much fear and they’ll miss out on lucrative investment opportunities; too much excitement and they’ll overshoot on every deal. Successful investing relies on more than […]

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, And Innovator, James Dondero

James Dondero, a man whose reputation often precedes him, is a stalwart in the banking domain. Dondero discovered his entrepreneurial flair as a young adult, subsequently co-founding a company alongside his trusted colleague, Mike Okada. Highland Capital Management, the organization the two founded, has seen tremendous industry success. In fact, it’s a multibillion-dollar corporation offering […]

An Interview with the Veteran Investor, Gareth Henry

In June 2015, Angelo, Gordon & Co., an alternative-asset investment firm appointed Gareth Henry as the Global Head of Investor Relations. Angelo, Gordon & Co. was founded in 1998 and currently handles $26 billion assets in the private equity, real estate division. The investment firm is based out of New York and also handles their […]