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How Richard Liu Qiangdong Transformed Jingdong Into

Richard Liu Qiangdong has long been one of the wealthiest men in China. As the founder of, he oversees the largest e-commerce retailer in the country with over 100 million monthly customers. This hasn’t been an easy journey, however, and Richard Liu had to overcome a series of obstacles during the past few years […]

Marc Beer – The New Chairman Of The Board Of LumeN XT

LumeN XT is a company that manufactures surgical devices that are equipped with LED lights. The company recently announced that Marc Beer will become the chairman of the board. The products created by LumeN XT is helpful, and they provide high accuracy in surgery. Marc Beer will be a good member of the team because […]

How Steve Lesnard is Transforming Global Brands Through Aggressive Marketing

Marketing has undergone tremendous changes in the modern age. One factor that has influenced the way marketing is done among leading world brands is technology and the digital arena. However, despite their proven abilities to successfully market a particular product, all factors must be adequately leveraged to gain the intended benefits. History has proven that […]

Isabel Dos Santos Gives Her Insight About On Good Leadership Skills

Recently, Isabel dos Santos was interviewed by Sol, a weekly newspaper. As a businesswoman, she has learnt more about how to lead and propel the growth of a business. She was criticizing Carlos Saturnino for his manner of leadership at Sonangol. Isabel dos Santos is the first daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos who was […]

LSVP Introduces the New Ashley Lightspeed Partnership

It was early December 2018 when Forbes reported international investment firm, LSVP (Lightspeed Venture Partners) raised $1.8 billion in funds and expanded its partnership. Five months after raising the funds, the firm introduced Ashley Lightspeed Partner and Investment Member, Ashley Brasier. She was among five investors to join the team and help manage over $6 […]

Louis Chenevert Prioritizes the Future

Despite his many successes, Louis Chenevert is, perhaps, best known for his time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. Before exiting the company in 2014, Louis Chenevert had successfully built the, already reputable, corporation, into a worldwide powerhouse and a leader in the field of aerospace. Today, under the leadership […]

How Nitin Khanna Started Mergertech

Mergertech, one of the newest companies on the planet is off to the races with the help of CEO Nitin Khanna. Although he is tough on business, he believes that the best way to go about starting a business is to come up with something that will get attention and get your business talked about. […]

Agera Energy – Helps Businesses Become More Energy Efficient

One of the leading energy companies that have been dominating the energy sector since 2014 is the New York-based Agera Energy. The company has stormed the energy sector with its revolutionary and comprehensive range of products and services. About Agera Energy has been studying the energy market for long and knows what the customers are […]

Alex Hern and the future of AR

To quote Alex Hern, “But really, what is VR?” At this point, it’s understood that everyone is familiar with virtual reality which is known simply as VR to the technology world at large. The regular individual today is aware of how VR projects another world to the eyes and has the brain believe it has […]