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ClassDojo Helps To Overhaul Classroom Communication

When it comes to schools, one of the few areas that parents believe that could be improved is parent-teacher communication. This is chiefly because this communication is chiefly limited to parent-teacher meetings, which generally only happen only once or twice a year. Outside of this, teachers and parents may pass notes through the students, although […]

Aaron Lupuloff Appointed To GCPS Foundation Board

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Fund, Inc. is a charitable non-profit organization that is inclined to improving education in County Public Schools located in Gwinnett. The foundation was established in 2006 to maintain and improve the education standards of Public Schools in Gwinnett. The foundation aims to […]

Betsy DeVos: the new US Education Secretary

Most people don’t realize this but Betsy DeVos has worked within education reform her whole life. While many have said that she is inexperienced for the position, she’s actually overqualified in some ways because of her experience in business as well. DeVos started out in Calvin College and eventually joined Gerald R. Ford’s campaign. She […]