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Obisidian Energy: The Best Energy Producing Company

About Obsidian Energy   Obsidian Energy Limited formally known as Penn West Petroleum Ltd was re-branded on June 26th, 2017. The re-branding of the company saw all other aspects of the business transformed and re-emerging as better, stronger and more capable than before. As the name suggests, the company is in the business of producing […]

National Steel Car: A Tale of Multiple Owners

The National Steel Car has been operating for more than 100 years, and the ownership of the company changes from time to time. In its 100-year history, the National Steel Car has been managed by different individuals, but there are only three prominent owners which left a mark on the company’s performance. These are the […]

Gregory Aziz: Pulling a Manufacturing Giant Back from Oblivion

While National Steel Car may be one of the world’s leading railcar manufacturers and engineering companies, it has not always been that way. There have been times during its history where it has lost significant business and been in sharp decline, while at other times it has been regarded as a national treasure. CEO James […]