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How Ted Bauman is Redefining Financial Writing

The Bauman Letter — one of the most read financial pieces — has been assisting people in making better financial decisions. According to Ted Bauman, how people view investments and lifestyles contributes to the global economy. As the author of this authentic piece, Bauman continues to change the lives of people, regardless of their occupation […]

Watford FC Manager Javi Gracia Is Confident About His Team’s Performance

When it comes to being the underdog, Watford Football Club has seen its fair share in the past years. However, this season might change everything, as the team continues to perform spectacularly in the Premier League. Manager Javi Gracia, who himself was a former football player, believes that his team will achieve something different this […]

David McDonald’s Thoughts on Growing the Business

Since being founded close to a century ago, the OSI Group has become one of the largest food producers in the world. Much of this has been because of a relationship with fast food chain McDonalds that started several decades ago and has continued ever since. However, that doesn’t mean that the company hasn’t been […]

Ted Bauman Explains Why Scalability is a Huge Problem for Bitcoin

Ted Bauman is an American economist who spent the first 25 years of his professional career in South Africa. He worked as an executive in the nonprofit industry where he helped build low-cost housing projects. He moved back to the United States in September 2013 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he is an editor. […]

Paul Mampilly significance in improving society

Paul Mampilly undertook his finance studies and was able to graduate with an MBA at Fordham University. During 1991, he served as the assistant manager for Bankers Trust, which is a financial institution. He continued to gather more skills and experience in his career. Over the years, he held multiple executive positions at law companies […]

What You Need to Know About Entrepreneur Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is known to be the founder and also the CEO of the ATS Degital Services. The reason why they set up the company together with his co-founder was to allow the clients to get a better solution on the matters of technical issues. The two have set the objectives of the company to […]

Louis Chenevert Prioritizes the Future

Despite his many successes, Louis Chenevert is, perhaps, best known for his time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. Before exiting the company in 2014, Louis Chenevert had successfully built the, already reputable, corporation, into a worldwide powerhouse and a leader in the field of aerospace. Today, under the leadership […]

Jason Hope is Helping to Fund Anti-Aging Research at SENS Foundation

Jason hope is an entrepreneur in the field of technology. He is a native of Arizona, and he currently resides in Scottsdale. His passion for technology has resulted in great strides in his own career as well as the worldwide millions of users of the internet. Jason is also a philanthropist, a founder, and a […]

How Nitin Khanna Started Mergertech

Mergertech, one of the newest companies on the planet is off to the races with the help of CEO Nitin Khanna. Although he is tough on business, he believes that the best way to go about starting a business is to come up with something that will get attention and get your business talked about. […]