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Ted Bauman: A Writer with a Heart of a Philanthropist

Ted Bauman is a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing, and he joined the company in 2013. Currently, he serves as the editor for the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. Ted Bauman specializes in things such as low-risk investment, international migration issues, privacy, and asset protection, and he would love […]

Matthew Fleeger’s Role In Exploring Oil Fields At The Gulf Coast

Matthew Fleeger leads the Gulf Coast Western company that aims at improving the oil and gas industry in the United States. He serves as the president and Chief Executive Officer of the firm. The venture combines its resources, experience, and talent to acquire and develop the oil reserves in the gulf coast of the US. […]

Impactful medicine Carsten Thiel Is Offering

  Carsten Thiel has been a visionary when it comes to biotechnology. He has been the reason for the launch of a various high-profile medical product because if his professional experience, leadership, and expertise. Some of the products that Carsten has been involved in launching are Prolia, Vectibix, Neulasta, and Strensiq. He has not only […] and Farfetch Align to Create ‘Premier Luxury Gateway to China’

An article from’s blog discusses the new partnership between’s Toplife and Farfetch. Farfetch’s platform focuses on the luxury fashion industry. This new strategic alliance will allow, China’s largest retailer, the opportunity to have access to over 3,000 brands. The goal of this partnership is to provide a ‘Premier Luxury Gateway to China.’ […]

The Innovation Of Carsten Thiel

Few medical professionals have made an impact like that made by Carsten Thiel. For several years Thiel has served as the Executive Vice President and he was the Chief Commercial Officer of Alexion Pharmaceuticals. Alexion Pharmaceuticals has become a global leader for innovation and distribution of medication under Thiel’s leadership. Carsten Thiel has developed a […]

Biotechnology’s Remarkable Age Of Growth

  In the eyes of many people who have expertise in biotechnology, such as Carsten Thiel, this technical field is entering a golden age of continuous innovation and change. The CEO of Westlake Village Biopartners believes that humanity is headed towards the Golden Age of Biotechnology. Carsten Thiel is an authority in biotechnology having spent […]

Louis Chenevert Prioritizes the Future

Despite his many successes, Louis Chenevert is, perhaps, best known for his time as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation. Before exiting the company in 2014, Louis Chenevert had successfully built the, already reputable, corporation, into a worldwide powerhouse and a leader in the field of aerospace. Today, under the leadership […]

Things You Need To Know About Steve Ritchie

  Being the Chief Executive Officer of Papa John`s, Steve Ritchie has seen the firm rise higher to the top through the efforts he has put towards eliminating every challenge that the company faces. Due to his exemplary behavior and constant commitment, he has seen the firm maintain its name as the third largest pizza […]

Recap: The Golden Age Of Biotechnology

Biotechnology is currently seeing many advancements and is believed to be in the Golden Age, by Westlake Bio and expert Carsten Thiel. The article entitled “Why Now is the Golden Age of Biotechnology” summarizes three main reasons why biotechnology is now currently at its best and these views are shared by Carsten Thiel. The first […]

How Nitin Khanna Started Mergertech

Mergertech, one of the newest companies on the planet is off to the races with the help of CEO Nitin Khanna. Although he is tough on business, he believes that the best way to go about starting a business is to come up with something that will get attention and get your business talked about. […]