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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: Introducing R.A.W

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is considered to be one of the most revered and sought-after beauty talents in the country. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is currently the global brand president of Matrix, a professional hair company based out of the U.S. One of Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s most recent projects includes one of the first ever true all-natural products in the […]

Dan Bethelmy-Rada Shares The Work That Went Into Creating R.A.W

  Dan Bethelmy-Rada is the Global Brand President at Matrix / Biolage. This is an American professional hair brand. He has spent the past two years developing R.A.W. which is a new all-natural and authentic range of products. He recently sat down to an interview and explained the challenges that his company saw getting these […]