Baho Food Merging With OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions and Baho Food is the most talked about merger. One could say that it was the best move ever made since the company can expand more into the European Food market. That keeps OSI competitive and as one of the dominant players in the global food arena.

Expanding into different countries worldwide would not have been possible has OSI turned down an offer to be McDonalds meat supplier. The former Otto & Sons Company has done very well for themselves and as a result of putting in much hard work. It has paid off.

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OSI Food Solutions has over 200,000 globally and can always add more as they continue to buy out other food companies. Who would have thought that a company that started out as a butcher shop by a German immigrant would turn into something this massive on a scale? It did and there are plenty of people from the workers to the shareholders reaping the benefits. This company purchased Baho Food and it has become a success for them. It is as if OSI has an eye for what company to buy out and make better. Because of their good eye for this, the company is growing stronger. It can one day be the most dominant food supplier in the industry if it continues to see this much success.

It is amazing that the history of this company got its start from a German immigrant that owned a tiny butcher shop. Once Otto & Sons got into the wholesaling business, things really began to take off from there. From being a supplier of McDonalds meats to having a global presence, OSI Food Solutions is definitely here to stay. Don’t expect this company to lose any business so soon. As long as they keep processing fresh meat and keeping it if good quality, there will always be someone wanting to use them as their main supplier. You can not say that this company does not have a good business head. OSI Food Solutions has always had a good strategy on how to stay operational.

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