A Short Guide for Basis, an Exclusive Product from Elysium Health

Countless people around the world use supplements in hopes of maintaining their overall health. In the United States, most supplements aren’t subjected to clinical trials, as manufacturers of supplements generally find it too expensive to afford them, while reasonably expecting to return a profit past the millions of dollars clinical trials cost.

Basis, a supplement created by Elysium Health, is a popular dietary supplement intended to maintain health functions, boost cellular health, increase the efficacy of bodily functions, maintain ample DNA health, and regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Unlike a wide majority of supplements available on the United States market, Basis has been clinically assessed, where it was proven effective in backing up claims of increasing blood serum concentrations of NAD+ – also called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – in adults.

In following sections, we will answer a few of the most common questions about Basis and Elysium Health, the manufacturer of Basis. Let’s get crackin’!

What is Elysium Health?

Elysium Health is a company that researches the effectiveness of various supplements, markets them, and distributes them to consumers’ doorsteps through an e-commerce platform on their website.

The supplement-creating organization was founded in 2014 as an idea built between an esteemed scientist and two experienced business people. While the latter two are astute in their trade, the researcher – Dr. Leonard Guarente – is successful enough in both his knowledge of medicine and research of naturally-occurring chemical compounds to work for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as the Director of its Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging.

Together, they rolled out Basis in 2015. Although Elysium Health does not have any other products outside of Basis on the market, they are currently in pre-clinical trial stages in several different products, each of which promotes muscle, bone, and stem cell health.

Can you elaborate on Basis?

Basis has six basic ingredients, and is free of nuts, legumes, animal products, and byproducts derived from animal processing. The supplement is also vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, keeping all potential dietary restrictions of healthy adults in mind.

The two primary components of Basis are nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene. The former, nicotinamide riboside, produces nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide once it’s processed by humans in the digestive system. Also called NAD+, the compound helps maintain healthy cellular functions. NAD+ is involved in hundreds of natural processes that occur in human – and other – cells.

Pterostilbene is a protein activator. The sirtuin activation is facilitated by NAD+, acting as a lubricant for the transfer of proteins throughout cells in consumers‘ bodies.

A clinical trial demonstrated that mean blood concentrations of NAD+ rose an astounding 40% to 90% after just four weeks of consumption, and can be maintained after that one-month horizon if consumers continue to take Basis on a daily basis.

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