A Quick Glance at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare opened its’ doors in 1985, consisting of one home at its inception. It currently includes twenty homes in southeastern England. The company’s array of facilities has grown, since 1985, because the cost of home health care has risen over the years. In addition, the number of home heath care nurses has not risen as much as the demand and need for this service. Sussex Healthcare caters to seniors and to their age-related medical issues, such as dementia and neurological conditions. It also serves clients who have motor neuron disease, spinal lesions, trauma inguries, and multiple sclerosis.

The twenty homes in this company’s care are: Clemsfold House, Horncastle House, Woodhurst Lodge, Kingsmeade Care Centre, The Granary, Forest Lodge, Upper Meade,Longfeild Manor, Woodhurst Lodge, Rapkyns Nursing Home, among others. All of these homes offer a wide range of services for their elderly residents. When someone is admitted to Sussex Healthcare, an extensive, thorough evaluation is done to assess a client’s needs due to his or her medical condition. Then staff develop a treatment plan which includes two services, hydrotherapy and reflexology, which are offered to the homes’ elderly population. Staff conduct group hydrotherapy treatments so that seniors can socialize with each other. The treatments treat stiff, sore joints and muscles, and damaged discs, making them stronger and more flexible; they also lessen inflammation and increase mobility. Reflexology does much the same.

There is also an on-site gym staffed by well-trained personal trainers. These staff members work in conjunction with residents to develop a treatment plan which is well-suited to their needs and personal exercise and health goals. They work together on such things as building bodily strength, mobility, endurance and on losing weight. The gyms also include a pool, free weights, a stationary bike, equipment with cables for a pectoral or leg workout, and an underwater treadmill.

There are many other features and reasons to choose Sussex Healthcare as a residential and treatment facility for one’s elderly relative. Perhaps the most compelling reason is that its staff are trained to treat residents with compassion, respect, dignity, and patience to make their later years their most golden years.

Visit their website: https://www.sussexhealthcare.org/