A Look At China’s Jingdong Involvement In The World Of Blockchain Technologies

If there’s one company that will soon take over the world, it is JD.com. The e-commerce company has been shining in all sectors, from environmental sustainability, and now blockchain. The firm in conjunction with the Ying Wu College of Computing recently launched a research lab for blockchain technologies.


This August, JD.com announced their new JD Blockchain Platform. Enterprise-sized customers can use this platform to build and host their own blockchain apps in a way that is more convenient, transparent, and secure. This technology allows its users to make their operational procedures more efficient and gives their customers more visibility into them. One specific way this is being used it to trace food from where it was grown to throughout the supply chain.


The key purpose of the lab is to come up with strategies which will help solve efficiency, and stability challenges, that limit the application of blockchain. Besides addressing these challenges, the research lab will also go the extra mile, and explore more applications of this technology. For that to get implemented, the lab will require a panel of leaders, who are well-versed with the world of blockchain, and cryptography. Fortunately, this has already been done, as JD.com sent forth Dr. Jian Pei, who heads the firm’s big data, and supply chain, while Ying Wu College, put its foot forward by appointing Dr. Qiang Tang. The two will work together with ISCAS’s vice chief engineer, Dr. Zhenfeng Zhang, to bring the JD’s objectives to life.


While commenting on the matter, Dr. Jian Pei of JD’s big data and supply chain said, that the partnership will help to increase their influence in the development and deployment of blockchain technology. It will also improve transparency in Jingsdong’s supply chain thereby, promoting peace of mind among its more than 300 million consumers. Find Related Information Here.


JD.com wasn’t the only party that was excited about the partnership, since other partners were also intrigued. For instance, Dr Joel, the current president of New Jersey Institute of Technology said that the facility is pleased to be part of the partnership, and they look forward to developing innovative blockchain applications, for a diverse range of industries in the world of business.


It’s not the first time that JD.com is showing interest in the world of the blockchain. Earlier this year, Jingdong launched an open blockchain platform which enabled its consumers to use the technology’s applications, for secure, transparent and convenient transactions. Additionally, the firm partnered with various A-list firms, such as, IBM and Walmart in the formation of the Blockchain food safety alliance, which as the name suggests, aims at promoting food safety in China.


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