A Brief of the UAE Entrepreneur and DAMAC Owner; Hussain Sajwani

The real estate sector is growing at an alarming rate. The industry has become competitive, and for one to succeed, innovation, investment, and proper management tactics are essential. In UAE there are few property developers. Hussain Sajwani is one of the investors who has invested in real estate. He is the CEO and founder of the leading property development company; DAMAC Properties. The firm is based in Dubai but has operations across the Middle East.


Hussain Sajwani is a hardworking man with vast experience in entrepreneurship. He has excellent management skills that have enabled him to become a successful entrepreneur from the UAE. He has an economics degree attained at the University of Washington. After education, he began his successful career at GASCO as a contracts manager. He always wished to start a business. He started a catering business that has grown significantly to become a market leader in the catering industry. Currently, the company is providing over 150000 meals daily to various markets in Africa, CIS, and the Middle East. The business specializes in providing catering services to army camps, construction sites, institutions of education and other similar entities.


Hussain Sajwani decided to diversify his investments. In the mid-90s he started building hotels to offer room for many people visiting the Emirates for business and trade. He invested heavily in the industry, and in 2002 he began DAMAC Properties. This was a property development company with the aim of developing high-quality properties. With his leadership skills and the right team, DAMAC Properties has grown significantly.


DAMAC Properties has completed many projects in Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, United Arabs Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman. The company has constructed many villas, paramount hotels, resorts, golf courses, over 20231 homes and they have more than 44000 units that are in different phases of construction. Sajwani, the DAMAC owner has also helped the company to open a hospitality division that is serving over 13000 hotel rooms and apartments.