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Ted Bauman Explains Why Scalability is a Huge Problem for Bitcoin

Ted Bauman is an American economist who spent the first 25 years of his professional career in South Africa. He worked as an executive in the nonprofit industry where he helped build low-cost housing projects. He moved back to the United States in September 2013 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing where he is an editor. […]

Paul Mampilly significance in improving society

Paul Mampilly undertook his finance studies and was able to graduate with an MBA at Fordham University. During 1991, he served as the assistant manager for Bankers Trust, which is a financial institution. He continued to gather more skills and experience in his career. Over the years, he held multiple executive positions at law companies […]

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group’s International Success

OSI Group and it’s Driving Force Sheldon Lavin is the driving force and CEO of the OSI Group. OSI Group is one of the largest meat processing groups in the world. OSI Group had its humble beginnings in the suburbs of Chicago by the Kolschowsky family, which was originally called Otto & Sons, then as […]

JD Uses the Power of Analytics to Help Western Brands Succeed in China

Though popular brands may survive in some markets through name recognition alone, Chinese consumers require more from those coming in from the West. Like many other foreign markets, Chinese commerce is best understood by the data they produce and the trends that can identify. Of the many retailers in China looking to best predict what […]

Can Text-Based Therapy Work? It Did for Me!

People need therapy when they are experiencing hard times, but making an appointment and going to see a therapist is not always practical. The unfortunate truth is that therapy is very expensive. If you do find one you can afford, you run the risk of not being able to “click” with this person. I know […]

How Guilherme Paulus Set Up CVC

Brazil has always been a harsh company to establish a business in, nevermind one that becomes hugely successful; however, there are a few people who’ve been able to it and do it well. Chief among these is expert Guilherme Paulus who established Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda, also known as CVC, in […]

The Impact Of KislingNestico & Redick Into Society

  Kisling Nestico& Redick is the largest complex injury firm in Ohio. It gains its popularity from its ability to provide individualized, extensive legal and insurance knowledge in their services. The firm was founded in 2005 and had headquarters in the Great Lakes in the Midwestern US. Since its foundation, the firm has managed to […]

Jingdong Is Helping Keep Kids Safe is finding new ways to keep kids safe from stranger danger by using AR and a colorful book to teach them important lessons about safety. The book that it is based on by Dagmar Geisler, “I’m Not Going With Everyone!”, is popular with parents in China. Now, Jingdong has combined the popular book with […]

Wes Edens Contributions to the Sporting World

Wes Edens Contributions to the Sporting World Wes Edens enjoys celebrity status in the sporting world. The businessman is a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, and his tenure has seen a transformation of the Bucks from a lower half team in the league to a dominant stalwart. Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks are placed at the […]

Heather Parry: A Star Behind The Scenes

Heather Parry is the very hard working president of Live Nation Productions, having produced some of the most popular recent film productions and documentaries of the current time. Starting out as a fresh young 22-year-old at MTV News, she would soon be its West Coast Bureau Chief. The connections she made from working over 12 […]