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Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, And Innovator, James Dondero

James Dondero, a man whose reputation often precedes him, is a stalwart in the banking domain. Dondero discovered his entrepreneurial flair as a young adult, subsequently co-founding a company alongside his trusted colleague, Mike Okada. Highland Capital Management, the organization the two founded, has seen tremendous industry success. In fact, it’s a multibillion-dollar corporation offering […]

Clean Up Your Inbox with Unroll.Me

Unroll.Me is a free service that helps people clean up their email inboxes from unwanted junk emails. This service can help streamline your digital life and have less unwanted mail to deal with. Many people are subscribed to dozens of email lists for a variety of reasons. It could be a favorite store, newsletter or […]

James Dondero: Shaping The Financial Industry

James Dondero is an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist with a unique talent for developing small businesses into successful ventures. He is best known for helping companies and investors in Dallas to gain a stable footing. Being the president of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has included his firm into charitable missions. His entrepreneurial focus has also […]

A Quick Glance at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare opened its’ doors in 1985, consisting of one home at its inception. It currently includes twenty homes in southeastern England. The company’s array of facilities has grown, since 1985, because the cost of home health care has risen over the years. In addition, the number of home heath care nurses has not risen […]

Guilherme Paulus of CVC Brasil Caters to Travelers from All Walks of Life

In Brazil, tourism is becoming a significant buzz particularly in Sao Paulo as well as Rio de Janeiro since these are the most visited places in the country that offer visitors business as well as pleasure coupled with an amazing peek into cultural heritage and spectacle. From 2006 to 2008, the economic issues have hindered […] Shows Off Its Latest Technology will show the world its latest technology at the CES in Las Vegas, NV in January 2019. There are many products that the world’s largest retailer will be able to present. has over 300 million customers in China, and they sell a vast range of goods. The logistics behind such an operation are […]

The career life of Bernado Chua, CEO Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a medical professional and a multilevel marketing executive born in the Philippines. While growing up in the Philippines, he used to hear his grandparents talking about traditional Chinese health benefits over a particular mushroom. Many children would have ignored search talks and continued doing what they know best that is playing. However, […]

Jacob Gottlieb in Healthcare Investment

Jacob Gottlieb is an entrepreneur, a healthcare investor and a founder and Chief Executive Officer at Altium and CIO in Visium Asset Management. He studied both finance and as a medical doctor but ventured further into investments following his father’s footsteps. Recognized as the titan in the health industry, Gottlieb usually invests in companies with […]

Paul Herdsman’s Advice On How To Build A Structurally Sound Business

  The pitfalls of entrepreneurship are bound to educate and harden any businessperson. Paul Herdsman, the co-founder of NICE Global, validates this notion. During his formative years, Herdsman had aspirations of ranking among the most prestigious of entrepreneurs. Now a reputable and prosperous business owner, Herdsman stopped at nothing to materialize his dreams. However, when […]

Kimberly Bakker’s Step-By-Step Planning Trips

  The process of planning an event can take many shapes and forms. An individual will always want the event to reflect the occasion and the personality of whom is it being planned for. As a professional event planner and successful “Momtrepreneur”, Kimberly Bakker has been been tasked with putting together events from individuals of […]