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See What Krishen Iyer Thinks about Business Growth and Future Prospects

The business world is growing bigger each day, and this happens due to some of the great contributions the thriving entrepreneurs make. You need to know what other successful business people are doing so that you can thrive also. It takes one great idea to turn things around. If you take some time to talk […]


Sahm Adrangi is the mastermind behind Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company focused on making investments that are driven by certain occurrences. On top of that, Kerrisdale Capital Management also invests in places that have a long-term value. Through research, Sahm Adrangi, backed by the resources at Kerrisdale, has been able to do an analysis of […]

Igor Cornelsen And Playing It Right With Investing

Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian investor and former big bank manager is always finding new strategies for making big gains in his portfolio. He says the main reason people don’t end up making as much money in their portfolios is they’re often looking to grab a stock that will reach a certain high and then try […]

Betsy Devos: the new US Education Secretary

Early in her tenure as Secretary of Education, Bessy DeVos made a tour that reflected the wide variety of educational approaches available in the US. She visited elementary schools in DC and a charter school that stood out for excellence. Part of the visit included Queen Raina and First Lady Melania Trump.   She then […]

Jeff Herman Breaks Down The Differences Between Civil And Criminal Charges

Jeff Herman is the founder of Herman Law, a firm focused on representing the victims of sexual assault in civil court. Herman details the differences between civil and criminal court in a piece for   Jeff explains the different powers, roles and punishments for each type of case, while emphasizing that a victim can […]

Infinity Group Australia Highly Versatile Financial Services Firm

If you are looking for some assistance to manage your money and plan your retirement in Australia consulting with the Infinity Group Australia is a good idea. They are one of the best in the business of financial planning and provide a wide range of services, which includes debt reduction, wealth creation, financial planning, retirement […]

Learn about the CEO of Green Structures Homes, Barbara Stokes

It is not easy to leave a job that has security and make a decision to start your venture. Many do not have this confidence because they are not sure whether they would achieve success in their new business. However, Barbara Stokes is different because he decided to follow her heart which is being an […]

Businessman James Dondero’s investment opportunities

The Highland Capital Management L.P leader, James Dondero is a reputable businessman with a keen interest in high-yield and distressed investing as well as credit and equity markets. The company has spent close to 30 years perfecting his skills in the finance industry. He has been instrumental in Highland where he has helped develop the […]