Monthly Archives: July 2018

Freedom Checks are as Legit as the Man Offering Them

The prospect of free money is too good to be true. Mostly because we have all heard it before. Getting something for nothing usually translates to giving something away for the prospect of never getting anything back. It is certainly how Freedom Checks sounds. Well-dressed man presents fat check to camera, close-up on amount, wide […]

Things You Need To Know About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky has made a fortune for himself through the major successes he has achieved in the various firms he has founded. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tempus and he has always striven to enhance human life in all ways possible. His successes have been attributed to his dedication and commitment […]

OSI Group Makes a Push Towards Sustainable Foods

As the world grows so does the demand for food, but in an increasingly complicated global market, sustaining the needs of the consumer while also following ethically responsible practices means that industry leaders need to rethink their policy. OSI Group is one of the biggest producers around, growing from a small butcher shop in Chicago […]

Clay Hutson Has Plans For The Musical Performances Of The Future

The LED screens at concerts seem to be getting bigger. Stage production seems to be getting bigger. Lasers, smoke, holograms and projections mark the modern live music experience and it all seems to be getting more complicated. It forces one to wonder — how does this all come together?   That’s where Clay Hutson comes […]

Roseann Bennett Helps Patients With Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are loved by almost all children because of how friendly and playful they can be. While research has shown that there are a lot of benefits to be a pet owner, more recently dogs have been shown to have a lot of beneficial effects when it comes to therapy as well. Roseann Bennett, a […]

Paul Herdsman Chooses His Partners Carefully

Sometimes, entrepreneurs are going to have to find some business partners. Paul Herdsman himself has found some business partners to team up with. With business partners, they can work together in finding common goals. When looking for business partners, a lot of factors have to be considered before picking on. After all, the wrong business […]

Rocketship the Unique Charter School

Located in San Jose, California, Rocketship Education is a free charter school for children in grades that range from Kindergarten through the 5th grade. The schools mission is to help provide individualized learning to all students. The charter school started to show progress on its mission when the test scores from students who attend Rocketship […]

Organo Gold Fenix DX Pink Lemonade

For decades we have been consuming sugary drinks as a way to stay hydrated, and unfortunately they have generally been loaded with sugars and harmful sweeteners. Until recently many would consume gatorade or other similar beverages as a way to replenish after a work out or just to stay cool during the summertime. Watch this […]

Betsy DeVos and Solid Proficiency

Why does Betsy DeVos matter in the United States? Many people can accurately answer that question. She’s a rare sight in contemporary society. She’s a rare concept in general. There are many people around the globe who make excuses and who like to do things the simple and stress-free way. No one is going to […]