Monthly Archives: November 2017

Waiakea Water, Putting the World First

Ryan Emmons has done a great job with his water company, Waiakea. Emmons is only twenty two years old. He started the company in 2012, and it is doing extremely well. Over the past three years, Waiakea has grown over 4,000%. His water company is very unique because it is not only beneficial to humans, […]

A Short Guide for Basis, an Exclusive Product from Elysium Health

Countless people around the world use supplements in hopes of maintaining their overall health. In the United States, most supplements aren’t subjected to clinical trials, as manufacturers of supplements generally find it too expensive to afford them, while reasonably expecting to return a profit past the millions of dollars clinical trials cost. Basis, a supplement […]

The Rise of Louis Chenevert at UTC

Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert’s rise to the helm of UTC has been a long journey of perseverance, consistence, and persistence. His journey started at General Motors where he worked for well over a decade before moving to Pratt & Whitney Canada. Pratt & Whitney is a part of the larger United Technology Corporation, and Mr. […]

Jeremy Goldstein on issues of stock options

Stock options have both advantages and disadvantages. There are many disadvantages that have made modern companies desist from applying them anymore as a means of compensation. The reason many corporations are quoting is that stock options have a way of affecting the savings of these corporations. As a measure to boost the savings, stock options […]